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Religious Pendants & Their Meanings

One of the earliest types of ornamentation is jewelry, which has long been used to symbolize religion. Many denominations have one or more trademark symbols, frequently employed in particular layouts and contexts. Whatever your beliefs are, there is no shortage of possibilities, from essential metals to costly diamonds and stones. These are a few of the most common ways that individuals use jewelry to represent their place in a particular religion.

Jewelry is an excellent gift idea for your loved ones. There are many occasions when giving religious jewelry as a gift is appropriate. Occasions to offer Christian jewelry include baptisms, Christmas, Easter, confirmations, or other church-related events. These are all wonderful opportunities to show your loved ones you care for them. Let's have a look at some of the most prominent religious pendants available at Bayam Jewelry's online store and what they symbolize.

Cross Pendant 


Two key icons are often used to represent one of the most prevalent religions in the world. The cross, a symbol of Jesus Christ's suffering and death, is frequently used as the centerpiece in jewelry. Usually worn as a pendant or charm, the straightforward design is simple enough to be worn on rings, earrings, or cufflinks.

The Cross pendant symbolizes the Catholic faith and represents the death and salvation of Jesus Christ across all denominations. The plain cross is never empty, unlike a crucifix, which shows Jesus's corpse hanging on the crucifixion. Wearing a cross necklace has a symbolic meaning that emphasizes Jesus' hopeful resurrection from the dead rather than the anguish he underwent during his sacrifice.

Though less well-known than the cross, the Crucifix pendant is a more specialized symbol with similar religious importance. Because the crucifix depicts Jesus on the cross, it represents the religion's central figure's suffering and death more solemnly and overtly. Usually, the crucifix hangs from a chain or rosary as a pendant.

The cross pendant at Bayam is available with a 10K mix of white and yellow real gold, including 3D designs. The other design options suit customers who wish to maintain an elegant and stylish look while adorning religious pendants.

Jesus Pendant


"Jesus" alludes to the centerpiece of the Christian faith, and a Jesus pendant is a work of art or a piece of jewelry. Wearing a Jesus pendant generally has something to do with one's faith as a Christian and instills one's trust in the human redemption gained by Christ's death. However, you can also see the Jesus pendant in the hip-hop community as a symbol, fashion statement, or bling rather than by a specific Christian religion.

The Jesus pendant at Bayam is available with a 10K mix of white and yellow real gold. Check out the charms and chains available in sets like the 2 1/4" diamond cut Jesus cross crucifix pendant & chain necklace set made of genuine 14K gold. The size of pendants goes up to as huge as 4" to suit the preferences of customers who wish to purchase chunky religious pendants. 

Last Supper Pendant


The last supper represents Jesus's dinner with his disciples following his victorious entry into Jerusalem. During the Last supper, Jesus informs everyone that one of his disciples will betray him. The last supper also portrays the source of the ritual known as the Eucharist, in which bread and wine are consumed in memory of Jesus' body and blood.

The last supper pendant at Bayam is available with 10K real gold and fantastic design options of the open back frame, railroad framed, and diamond cut. The size of each pendant varies from 3/4" to 3," and customers can choose the size by matching it with their chain length and thickness preferences.

Lady Guadalupe Pendant


The Lady Guadalupe pendant represents a "woman clothed with the sun" and is considered sacred and deeply meaningful. The presence of light is a manifestation of God's sanctifying and blessing presence. The indigenous people would also perceive the sun's rays as representing their supreme deity, Huitzilopochtli. Lady of Guadalupe's gaze downwards is depicted with humility and empathy.

The angel at the Lady's side attests to her royal status. Only kings, queens, and other nobles would be carried on shoulders in the eyes of the Mesoamerican Indians. As a sign that a new era has begun, the angel carries the Lady to the populace. A sanctity emblem is the gold-encircled cross brooch tucked beneath the Lady's robe's neck. Although it also has additional meanings, the girdle or bow around her waist symbolizes her virginity. The bow resembles a flower with four petals. It is the Nahui Ollin, or sunflower, to the local Indians, who saw it as a representation of abundance.

The Lady Guadalupe pendant at Bayam is available with 10K real gold and numerous framed, unframed design options and a diamond cut. The size of each pendant varies, and customers can choose the size by matching it with their chain length and thickness preferences.

Saint Lazarus Pendant

Lazarus is a homeless beggar surrounded by dogs. He is the patron saint of the ill and needy. Despite claims to the contrary, most Cubans view him as the biblical Lazarus—the destitute man who Jesus raises from the dead and cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. Lazarus is addressed as a "saint" because he believed in Jesus Christ. Any person who believes in the faith of Jesus is addressed as a saint.

The Saint Lazarus pendant at Bayam is available with a 10K mix of real yellow and white gold. Each pendant's design options and size vary, giving customers enough choices to match their preferences.

Carry Your Faith in Style with Bayam 

Religious Pendants are a great way to honor your faith and showcase your devotion. At Bayam Jewelry, we respect all beliefs so we offer a variety of Religious Pendants that are not only meaningful, but also stylish. We have even more Religious Pendants featuring Virgin Mary, Santa Muerte, Buddha, Star of David, and more. So explore our Religious Pendants and carry your faith in style wherever you go.

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