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How to Choose the Right Chain to Showcase Your Pendants & How to Mix and Match Different Types of Chains and Pendants

You might have a variety of different chains to choose from when you're dressing up. And the main question will arise at one point or another: How do I wear these in the best way? How to mix and match the right pieces at the right time? While there is no right or wrong answer to the questions, you can find the aesthetic you love by experimenting. There are a few pointers regarding matching and finding the right spot between what's technically a perfect collage of things and what's right for you. While you stay true to what you believe in, you can find that when there's a small structure.

Consider the following structure for your approach:

  • Start with finding the right size and style of the pendant; the larger or more ornate the charm, the thicker and more substantial chain it needs to support it.
  • Gradually figure out the overall look you're trying to achieve; A delicate chain can create an understated, elegant look, while a bolder chain announces your presence.
  • The metal of the chain should also be considered meticulously. It should match the pendant metal or look contrasty enough to give a cohesive look.
  • The length of the chain will determine whether it's great for layering because a shorter chain is perfect for showcasing a pendant, whereas a longer one would be much better suited with a large charm.

Size and Style of Pendant Chain

Find the right proportions for the chain size to the pendant it will be worn with. A larger pendant might look disproportionate on a thin chain, while a smaller pendant may get lost on a thick chain. Find the right balance with the perspective of the person wearing the pendant. Longer and larger chains and pendants may be more appropriate for someone taller and buffed up, while a smaller pendant is more appropriate for someone more petite.

When buying a pendant, visualize when you'll be using it and where you'll take it like a larger pendant may be more appropriate for a statement piece, while a more petite pendant may be more appropriate for everyday wear. You can choose the pendant based on who you are and how you want to look.

Style of the Accessory

It's always about the style quotient of bringing the best out of your pendant. Define your style, and choose the right pendant to reflect your taste. No matter what the trends say, a pendant you love will always stand out because of the confidence it gives you. Imagine and visualize the outfit you'll be wearing with the pendant. A pendant that complements the colors and style of your outfit will stand out more than one that clashes and misses the mark. The size of the pendant will play a major role in defining the style. A pendant that is too small may get lost on your body, while a pendant that is too large may overpower your outfit.


The Overall Look of a 14K Gold Pendant

The overall aesthetic of the pendant will depend on how you mix and match it with the outfit you've on. Choose a bold or unique color for a pendant to make it stand out against your outfit.

While there are multiple options of shapes to choose from, take a shape that reflects who you are, either a cross pendant or Jesus face pendant, or you can go with left-field options like an abstract geometric shape or asymmetrical designs.

Sometimes choosing a pendant is very easy when you go for a unique design or one that holds personal significance. A pendant with an intimate connection, a symbolic meaning, or a beautiful pattern makes you stand out because you take that energy wherever you go. A pendant that makes you feel confident is more likely to stand out. Choosing something unique and high-quality that complements your style and body is the key to figuring out an overall look.

The Right Metal for the Perfect Charm

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing the suitable metal for a chain to stand out; you have to consider everything from color to durability and affordability when thinking of the right metal to go with. You must consider the metal color concerning the pendant color to coordinate the outfit it will wear. A dual-tone chain or contrasting metals with the chain and pendant can make the pendant stand out. It's important to get a durable metal and ensure resistance to tarnishing or discoloration so that it maintains its shine over time.

Low-quality chains are not the best option for someone with sensitive skin; choose a hypoallergenic chain, such as a gold one with titanium or platinum as alloys, to avoid allergic reactions. And the good thing about choosing such alloys is that they tarnish very slowly compared to the lower quality ones to give a polished and refined look that would translate into class and grandeur.

Finding the Right Length with Figaro Chains

You have a lot of things to consider when choosing the correct length for a chain with a pendant, but the first thing to do is know yourself. A chain length that complements the neckline is vital to give a well-rounded, aesthetic look. A longer chain will always complement a V-neck or scoop-neck top, but a shorter chain will look great with a high-neck or turtleneck top.

While layering multiple necklaces, choose a chain length that allows the pendant to sit at the desired level, either the neck level or the bust. Find the authentic look by testing out different chains; as always, more options lead to a much more balanced outlook for the person. A chain of 18 to 20 inches is suited for a pendant that you'd want closer to your chest, while 24 to 30 inches are more suited for a pendant that you want the piece to be more noticeable.

Bayam: The Right Jeweler for Matching the Way You Want to Look

Create the unique look you want by mixing and matching different sets after considering all the above points through your lens and perspective. We'll get you everything you need with Bayam. Find every chain and pendant to make that dream look like a place that cares for you; click here to get what you want.

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